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The Karu coffee or side tables are a set consisting of two trapeze shaped tables, which provide multiple combinations and variation to the interior, look personal separately or can be placed one completely under the other. The question is, what's your need?

The Karu tables are designed to be extremely efficient to produce and to leave minimal waste. Their shape and angles allow several table tops and legs to be cut out of one rectangular piece, but also make packing and shipping easy and cost-effective. This way it will be an available product to a wider range of customers, considering cost, location and logistics.

One table consist of a table top and four legs, which the customer effortlessly assembles by screwing the legs tightly to the table top. This allows the legs to be seperate from the table top during shipping, which reduces the package size.

 The Karu table is a tribute to our Finnish pine filled forests, a tree that is often seen as an unattractive material. The aim with the Karu tables is to prove that pine can look good and modern.

The Karu tables come in two color options - a black and white finish, which let through the natural shapes of the pine tree. To get a more durable surface, I've chosen an ecofriendly oil developed for counter tops, which prevents the soft wood from scratches.

Materials: pine tree, ecolabeled stain and oil.
Color options: black and white
Locally produced in Parainen, Finland.
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