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Hi! My name is Ann-Christine Mäkelä and I'm a designer located in Turku, Finland. I grew up in a creative family and was introduced to arts and crafts at an early age, which has likely contributed to me being drawn to interior, designing, drawing and other mediums of art since day one. At this point, I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Besides design, I feel strongly passionate about the environment and sustainability. As a designer I therefore feel responsible to provide sustainable options that doesn't harm our planet and are safe to use. We can't avoid new products completely, but we can make them better on many aspects.

Some areas in design that I find especially fascinating are service design and branding. Understanding the current and future changes in our society, how our minds work and what we need to live both happy and in a sustainable way is important. Combining these are key.

I'm currently working as an entrepreneur, working for and with different companies, to make them bloom. In the future I'm planing on deepening my knowledge in leadership, service design and visual merchandising.

You'll find more details about my work on my CV.

Please contact me with any questions you might have.

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